Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm back.....

After a week's hiatus from this little blog, I admit, it felt good to take a break. Yeah, I've missed all of you and I've missed reading and keeping up with your blogs as well (those of you that have them) but sometimes all this social media stuff becomes too much! (does anyone else despise facebook as much as I do?! I hate it but I feel like I have to have it to keep in touch)

I need to have some time to myself and lately that has NOT been happening while working 12-14 hours everyday, including most weekends. That doesn't leave too much time for writing posts, especially posts with any kind of thought put into them! Not to mention spending time with my husband in this supposed honeymoon stage of our first year of marriage. Also, my birthday is tomorrow and I'll be lucky if I get to celebrate by the end of June. ugh.

I need to getaway and relax for a bit. This winter when my business slows down it is ON!

O.k., enough with the pity party: that being said, I'm probably going to be writing less posts unless really super cool inspiring stuff worth sharing crosses my path. And until I can finally get some of my recent projects photographed. And once my business slows down a bit - I'm not complaining about having lots of work - I just wish this business wasn't either feast or famine. Some normalcy would be nice!

I love you guys and I look forward to sharing fewer but better posts with you.....at least until my sanity returns. xoxo.



  1. We will miss you, but quality over quantity is always best:) and...Happy Birthday!! Our b-day's are only a day apart!! Mine is on thursday. Hope you at least get to have a glass of wine. Cheers!

  2. Happy Birthday friend! It is good to take breaks. I'm about to take one myself. Stop and enjoy life a little. It's too short!