Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A new business has opened up in my old studio space in Dayton's historical Oregon District. I couldn't be happier for this new venture and wish them the best of luck - certainly better luck than I had! (I suppose I never really told you what happened with my studio so to make a looooong story short, I was subleasing a space with another business. I paid rent and the other business didn't. Because I was sub-leasing, we both got the boot!)

Gees, that feels like a lifetime ago and much has happened since then. I was never bitter about what happened. It all turned out for the best and better opportunities have come my way since then. Anyways, it looks like this place is going to be pretty cool. It is called the "Belle of Dayton" and will be a distillery once open.

This corner of the shop was my desk literally sat right where the, for lack of a proper term, large-round-silver-thingy is sitting. 

You can read more about it here

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Feature: Andy Warhol

I heard about this on the radio during my morning drive to work and couldn't wait to see pictures of it. I think it's pretty excited anything new is discovered from a deceased artist no matter the medium.

In case you haven't heard, several lost works from Andy Warhol have been rediscovered... on a set of Amiga floppy disks dating from 1985. This may seem like an easy task, however,  considering the floppies are now 30 years old the tape inside may have become brittle, or the magnetically-stored data faded over time. With the help of the Carnegie Mellon University computer club and some special restoration equipment, they managed not only to extract the data of several image files (named things like "campbells.pic") but also reverse-engineer the now-obsolete file format.

Here are a few of the images found:

I think it's safe to say digital art has come a LONG way since this :) 

Check out these sources for more information:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

Happy earth day everyone! I hope you'll go do something "earthy" today....I'm hoping to work in my garden later this evening if weather permits.

~Laura xo

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Could you live in just 84 square feet?

These tiny "mobile homes" have been popping up everywhere lately and are literally changing "mobile home" stereotypes. After having a heart-attack, this woman gained a whole new perspective on life. She sold her home and most of her possessions and instead built her own 84 square foot home on a small truck trailer.  I am amazed at how charming and comfortable it looks, although I admit as a furniture hoarder collector, it would be extremely difficult to get my possessions down to 305. It does make me curious as to what my "possession count" is. Maybe I should I try? I might be too embarrassed with the results....

You can read the entire article from the New York Times here.

So what do you think? Could you live in a space this small?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014