Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sloped Ceilings

Brian and I are getting closer and closer to remodeling the attic space of our home into a second story loft. Just can't decide between remodeling the basement first, or the upstairs. Until we make the decision, I've been having fun gathering inspiration and ideas for our cozy upstairs with sloped ceilings.

We are hoping to add a bathroom upstairs as well that will definitely have a sloped situation goin on in there. I love the idea of putting the tub on the low-end with a skylight above. And this shower with the half curtain is pretty darn cute, too!


Slanted Ceiling Bathroom

Striking modern bathroom with sloped ceiling

Love the way this looks but not sure if I would love actually having a bathroom with an angled ceiling..

I am in love with these skylights! Probably won't be in love with the price tag, though......


I love the addition of the columns here. So cool!

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  1. I love these cool sloped rooms! Makes me wish we had an attic to make over!