Thursday, September 6, 2012

Before Photos of a Home Office

Last weekend I took on the task of creating a home office for myself. It's easier to work from home since I often work late into the night (or morning!) and my dining room was starting to pile up with flooring and tile samples.

This is what the room looked like Thursday evening after we moved all the furniture out of it and I laid down my new rug for inspiration. The rug was given to me by a client - awesome, I know!

Pretty gross huh? Probably why you never saw photos of it until now. Granted, it did look better with the furniture in place and with a different rug that didn't clash with the walls! haha

Since I love the rug so much, it served as my inspiration for the rest of the room.

Alfie likes it too.

This china cabinet came from my dining room. I was going to get rid of it but then figured I could use it in the office for extra storage. It needed to be refinished and I didn't have the patience for that so I painted it instead! Unfortunately this also means there is an empty wall in my dining room that I don't know what to do with. It seems when I change one thing in one room, the end result is everything in the house getting shifted around. Ugh. 

Thursday evening I got the walls painted this light blue/green color "Watery" by Sherwin Williams.

I also got the cabinet primed.

It took me most of the day on Friday to finish up the cabinet since it took so many coats of paint! The color is "Oceanside" by Sherwin Williams and I used their all-surface enamel which is great for furniture. It has more green in it in person - more of a really dark teal rather than the bright blue it looks like in the photos.

For the backing I used a fabric that I already had. I just cut the pieces to fit and then used small white thumb tacks to pin the pieces in place. The fabric also matches one of the colors in the rug and coordinates nicely with the wall color.

Brian set me up with a nice little sound system for my ipod. Having a techie husband has its perks!

Saturday I moved in the furniture and Sunday I spent organizing everything and adding the final touches. Stay tuned for the "After" photos tomorrow!


  1. SOOO exciting! Can't wait to see the AFTER! Love the Blue

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