Friday, June 21, 2013

Bedroom (aka Nest) transformation for a client - Before and After!

Whew! It's been almost a month since my last post! Do any of you find it difficult to blog these days? I'm feeling really unmotivated to do it so far this year (and the year is half that's not a good thing!) I just have so much going on that it's hard to find the time!

O.k., enough with the excuses. So you may be wondering whatever happened to the house we we're trying to buy. Well, we're still trying to buy it but since it's a bank owned it's taking forever! We accepted a counteroffer from the bank on Monday but still have not heard anything. And since I work for a real estate company they are giving me a really hard time about it. Not a fun situation. I feel like the past 2 months of my life have been in limbo not knowing if we're going to be moving or not. It's making me crazy! I'm sure it's making the people wanting to buy our home crazy as well. If we get the new house, I will definitely share some great photos of it.....can't wait!

In the meantime, and actually the purpose of my post today, is to share a recent bedroom project I worked on earlier this year. One of my first clients wanted to turn this little bedroom in a "nest." As you can see, there wasn't much going on here before. It was pretty much a blank slate! Here are the before shots:

And here was my new car (2013 Subaru Impreza.....I bought it just a couple of weeks before Christmas) packed to the brim for the install. She actually did a pretty good job hauling everything and I can fit more in there than you'd think!

And here are the afters:

This first thing I did in the room was change the furniture layout. Previously, the bed was pushed up against the wall which made the bed feel crowded and threw off the alignment with the large window. I rotated the bed and centered the headboard on one wall which actually made the room feel larger and more welcoming. I always position the bed to face you when you enter, if possible. It makes for a nice focal point and feels warm and cozy.

The little blue/green table was a great antique piece the client already had so that set the tone for the rest of the room. Because of it's playful curves and color, I wanted to continue that playful feeling throughout. I chose a coral wall color to (1) compliment the table color and (2) pink shades are great for a bedroom because they're said to be the most relaxing. We painted the closet doors and trim the same as the wall so that it wouldn't be distracting. Since it's a small room, this also helps the room feel larger.

The little wooden chair already belonged to the client. It was her grandmother's chair that wasn't being used down in the basement. I think it's perfect for the room and it makes me happy to be able to give it a new life. 

The room already had beautiful hardwood floors, so I warmed them up with a lovely area rug. At first glance the rug seems very traditional, but in the space, the rug seems to come alive and takes on the playful characteristics of the rest of the space. A mix of styles always makes a space more interesting. I love it!

And of course, nothing finishes off a room better than some great accessories. A mix of age and style will give a room more character and makes it feel more natural and lived in. Never buy everything at the same store, and never buy everything new. Thrift stores and vintage shops offer great finds for cheap!

I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more. I have some more great projects to show you coming soon. 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 

xoxo, Laura

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