Monday, July 8, 2013

We're staying put.

So I have some good/bad news about the new home my husband and I wanted to buy. After all our hard work to make it happen, it just didn't work out. Although it is the seriously cool, modern home of our dreams, we realize that our little bungalow we have now is pretty cool, too. We will be staying put. The bank dragged things out for so long and played too many games (like making us pay MORE than asking price simply because I'm an employee at a real estate company...even though no one else is interested in the house), all the while interest rates creeped up making our potential mortgage payment higher and higher. With both of us wanting to return to school, it just makes sense to continue living in our little home we know and love, where all the neighborhood kids know Alfie and bring him home anytime he wonders off. We're confident with our decision and we couldn't be happier. Our plans for finishing the basement and converting the attic into a super awesome master suite will continue soon as we continue to call this little roost "home". 

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