Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dream Gait Friesians Tour

Over the weekend my husband and I went to a get-together at the stables of "Dream Gait Friesians," a large privately owned horse farm outside of Dayton, Ohio. With mutual friends of the owners, we got an up close, one-of-a-kind tour with these gorgeous horses! The farm ain't too shabby either.

Here are some photos from the website. No, it didn't look like this on a cold, January night like when we were there, but it was still pretty :)

How adorable is this little guy?!


Here I am getting some horsey lovins. They were all very sweet and personable. This is the male barn and in the background you can see a huge indoor riding arena that leads to yet another barn for the females. Pretty nice digs!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend! These weeks just seem to be flying by!

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  1. Waouuu ! I was just talking with a friend and we may go to a horse riding but not before march ... !! xoxox