Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dresser Makeover

I bought this dresser off Craig's List for $20. This piece along with a ton of other furniture was left behind at an old mansion in Springfield that was recently sold at auction. The new owners had to get rid of everything in the house before the rehab could begin. There were tons of great pieces throughout and I ended up buying 6 or 7 different pieces! (yes, I'm becoming a furniture hoarder)

I saw this dresser by Dixie had "great bones" and instantly loved the mid-century style of it. And since it was solid wood I knew it could easily be refinished.

The original state was pretty rough with scratches, dings and cigarette burns.

So the first thing I did was slather on the wood filler - I made sure you get the stainable kind. 

It's better to put on more filler than what you need. If you put on too little, you will have to add more which will take way more time in the end because you'll have to wait for it to dry again.

And here it is after sanding it......I used an electric sander but it still took forever to get all the cigarette burns out. As well as other dings and scratches. I didn't bother sanding the handles because I liked their color and they were in good shape already. (plus they would be an even bigger pain in the butt!)

And that's all I have for you now. Stop back tomorrow to see the finished result!!



  1. Nice find- it has great lines, can't wait to see the final result!

  2. Great find, and nice work on sanding! Can't wait to see what you decide to do with it!

  3. I love me a good Craigslist makeover. Trouble is, my Craig has been just awful lately - but I keep looking!