Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Feature: Ann Wolf

 Ann Wolf's work is my latest obsession. This gal really knows what she's doing. I feel like she could close her eyes, point to 5 random colors and patterns and make them all work together in a room.

Some of the rooms are more traditional than my taste but hey, good design is good design!

Ann Wolf has been designing for families since 1995. Her work includes a Shaker-inspired farmhouse in Colorado, an Adirondacks-style summer house in upstate New York, a mid-century modern house filled with Danish and American furniture in Houston, and a "Hollywood-Glam" pied-a-terre in Manhattan. Her style is at once practical and sophisticated, always marked by everyday luxury and elegant simplicity. "If it doesn't work, it's not a successful design," she says. "And no matter the style, a harmony of color, pattern, scale and texture is essential."

 Ann's passion for design—and collecting—was born in a childhood combing through antiques stores with her mother, two years at Ralph Lauren designing women's wear, and six years at the helm of Little Wolf Furniture Company, a line of vintage fabric-upholstered children's furniture that she founded after coming up short when finishing her first child's nursery.

 How cute is this kids' nook? And the custom runner in the hall is gorgeous!

Ann never imposes a look on a customer, but rather looks to understand the client's personal style and what they already own. "Success for me is being able to bring to life each client's dream for how they want to live. I know a job is successful when my clients tell me that their houses look like them, only better."

All photos and information are from her website,


  1. Oh I love the red and white reading nook! Great pictures and fun color combos!

  2. so beautiful! I love all the wood/beamed ceilings!

  3. The home is just pretty damn love the design and the interiors.

  4. Love the design in the bedroom above the forefront wall, its just an amazing piece of art on e can find in the great hotels.

  5. Love the way the home has been well organized with the interiors being so pretty and well designed.

  6. This pretty home looks really beautiful,very organized..

  7. I just cant take my eyes off the kids nook, absolutely amazing color combination, a bit of retro styling too. It’s brilliant. Have to give kudos to Fran and Reed who took most of those gorgeous photographs. Thanks Laura for putting these together for us.