Friday, August 3, 2012

Michael De Perno

I think I discovered my new favorite designer....or at least he's up on my list alongside Katie Ridder :)

Michael De Perno's style is amazing. It's rustic, yet refined. A bit masculine but fuss-free. Bottom line? It's comfortable. I can actually picture myself living everyday life in these spaces, and, if I do say so myself, his style is very close to my own personal style (only I probably use a bit more color.....and of course I'm still working at an attempt of being this good, haha!).

I love in this next photo the two different coffee tables sitting side by side. Who woulda thunk it??!

Here's an excerpt from his website that I couldn't agree with more:

"I’m inspired by the subtleties of nature and often draw upon its colors, textures and scale for my work. I celebrate the beauty of character and imperfections in furnishings that only years of honest use and age can achieve, whether well worn rugs, polished woods or the patina of leather. It’s in these details that something unusual becomes extraordinary. A good room is richly layered while it maintains a simple restraint that allows each element to be appreciated and enjoyed. I embrace the integrity and impeccable quality of fine craftsmanship and the use of authentic materials in everything I create. Beautiful design is enduring and good rooms evolve over time taking on the personal character of those that inhabit them.
Whether the project is a cottage in the Hamptons, a townhouse in Manhattan, a mid-century home in Malibu or a country house in Northern California, my primary goal is always the same: to discover the soul of a place and bring its potential to life."

—Michael De Perno

Well done indeed.


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