Friday, March 2, 2012

I just lost my dream home

That's right. I lost it. My favorite house in Dayton, that just happens to be in my very own neighborhood, both went on the market and went sale pending before I even knew about it! It was on the market for less than a week. BOO!!

(not like I have the money for it right now anyways but a girl can dream, right?)

If this home ever comes on the market again it will be mine!!! It's the perfect size (roughly 3,000 sq ft), prime location surrounded by homes of similar style (though this one is my fav) and a huge park/nature preserve and country club on both sides of the street. The views out the back are amazing! It needs some updating making it even more perfect for me since I love a good project. I only hope the new owners don't ruin it for me my putting in something lame, haha.

This kitchen is pretty gross, but I'm sure I could make it fabulous. I'm so picturing a very sleek Poggenpohl kitchen like this one:

o.k., so I just got a great idea. I just need to introduce myself to the new owners and convince them to let me redesign everything for them! Then it will be move-in ready for me!

In the meantime, I'll start saving my money.

xx, Laura


  1. Amazing! Tns of possibilities. Love the wall of windows. I have a feeling it will be yours.....someday;) didn't realize we live so close! I'm just south of Cincinnati.

  2. Wow, that place is awesome! Maybe you could convince them its haunted?

  3. If only I could capture that light and bring it to my place! Sorry about the dream house, but your plan b could work out well! Hope you can stop by my blog - I'd love to get your opinion!

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