Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mid-century Thursday

These mid-century modern interiors and exteriors have me wanting to buy a different house already!

I am obsessed with these first two images:

mid-century modern home by David Hicks

In other news, Dayton's Home & Garden show at the convention center is coming up next week (setup is Wednesday!) so I've been working like crazy trying to get everything together last minute. This project turned out being waaay more involved than I originally planned. All the furniture being used was either designed my myself and built by Tim and John (dad and brother) OR completely refurbished by my husband and I. I also will have some paintings in the the space that I'm doing myself (they're not even finished yet!)

So wish me luck to a crazy week ahead!


  1. Gorgeous pics! Good luck with home and garden show!! I'm now following you :)



  2. Love the color palette in the first and second pictures! They are so clean and crisp, I think the rug helps to pull both looks together!

    Come by and enter my pillow giveaway if you like, Laura!


  3. These remind me a little bit of the Frank Lloyd Wright style home.