Monday, November 5, 2012

Kitchen Mini-Makeover

This was a fun project sprucing up this kitchen. Much of the existing kitchen stayed since the cabinetry, countertop and flooring were all in good shape. Some of the appliances stayed and some new ones were added. (unfortunately I couldn't find my "before" photos so I'll do my best explaining the changes that were made!)

One of the first changes that was made was the lighting. Before there was only a single ceiling fan in the center of the small room. Removing that and adding can lights really opened up the room and made it look nicer overall. We also added a pendant light over a small cabinet we added.

A warm neutral wall color ties in better with the flooring and rosy tones of the countertops. Before the walls were white and provided little contrast with the cabinets. 

Just about everything in this next photo is new. The white cabinet below was another little project I took on. Tomorrow I'll show you how I transformed this little cabinet into something usable. It's the perfect size for this kitchen and really helps add more storage and seating for a mini eat-in area.

The fridge is new as well as the added barstools.

This modern stainless steel sink and faucet replaced a white acrylic sink/faucet and really made an impactful change. I love how the stainless ties in with the appliances and hardware!

The linear backsplash was added for some color and pattern in the space. It's made up of colored glass and white quartz. It really gives this kitchen a whole new look while not costing very much to do.

One of my favorite changes to the kitchen is the cooking area. The vintage range hood was already there and of course we had to keep it! It really adds some personality to the space and still works great!

The wall oven is new and luckily we were able to put in in a box in the garage on the other side of the wall. Bumping it out into the garage saves a ton of space in the kitchen since there's not much room to work with. 

Another item I added is the little bookshelf for cookbooks. The client wanted a place for her books and this area was previously not being used for anything. I found this vintage bookcase and painted it white to tie into the cabinetry. Luckily it was the perfect size! It couldn't be too big since to the right is a doorway that goes to the garage and basement. We didn't want to block too much of the doorway.

 There you have it! You can see how small changes can have a big impact overall and doesn't have to cost a lot of money. If you're thinking about a kitchen makeover for your home, send me an email! I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. This kitchen interior is nice and it need colour combination perfect to get good look and above photo has good colour combination.