Monday, October 29, 2012

Guest Room Renovation Revealed!

All of our hard work paid off because we finished the room on time! My cousin's wedding was this past weekend and we had some family come and stay with us.....the only problem was we didn't have a guest room. So we made one! (with lots of help from my brother and in-laws! Thanks guys!)

Before I show you more "After" photos I wanted to pick up where we left off last time and show you the flooring and trim installation.
The flooring is a vinyl that looks like wood. It's normally not a product I would choose, but for a basement it's perfect. It's extremely durable, waterproof, comfortable underfoot and actually looks pretty realistic!  It was easy to install also - it took Brian and I about 4 hours to do the room Monday night. Considering this was the first time either of us attempted flooring I'd say we did a pretty good job.

However, the crown moulding, baseboards and window and door casing was not so easy to install. Since the room wasn't square to begin with, details like these were hard to get right. We did the best we could, and with the help of Brian's dad (and tons of caulk!), I think it turned out great! 

Tuesday and Wednesday nights were spent working on the trim (late into the night I might add!)

 The furniture went in on Thursday. All the furniture and accessories were things I already had. This is how it looked for much of the day since I attempted to carry down the box springs by myself and couldn't get them to fit down either set of basement stairs. In panic mode I tried to think of other solutions including building a platform bed as an option.Yeah, I tend to get a bit crazy sometimes.

Luckily when Brian got home from work he was able to take the basement door off its hinges and squeeze down the staircase.
Alfie approved.

So now that we're all caught up, it's time for the good part. Here's the before again:

And here it is Friday morning before our guests arrived:



and After:

Gotta love the little details....

I am SO happy with how this room turned out. It was obviously the WORST room in the house and I'm happy that it's now one of the prettiest! It's given me inspiration to keep working on the rest of the basement. That should keep us busy this winter :)

For now, we still have a few projects to finish up in the yard before it gets too cold and then it will be back to the inside. I'll keep you guys posted!



  1. Unreal transformation. You did an amazing job. I love the room. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  2. It was like we were in a suite! Beautiful and you would have never thought it was finished before we got there. Look forward to more of your work!