Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Client Project: Bathroom #2 revealed!

To continue from yesterday's post where we took a look at the first bathroom,  Here is bathroom #2 (highlighted in green below).
 This bathroom, like the first one, was a blast to work on. It was designed for an 8 year old boy so I wanted it to feel more masculine than the first, but also something that would stand the test of time. Obviously he's not going to be 8 forever! It needed to be fun for an 8 year old but cool enough for a teenager, and classic enough for anyone buying the home later on down the road since this is a temporary stay for the owners.

I started with the tile. The blue geometric tile is by Pratt & Larson (I'm using something similar in another project coming up!) From there I found the mirror. I like how the shapes play off each other. I also knew the fixtures would be oil rubbed bronze to tie into the rest of the fixtures throughout the house and I liked how the mirror brought it some lighter gold tones to contrast the bronze.

The floating cabinetry, square sink and frame-less glass doors keep it contemporary.


Well, that's a wrap on this project. I hope you enjoyed seeing the end result! Project reveals always make the project seem so quick and easy but trust me, there is a lot of work and time involved to make it happen! Bathroom remodeling projects can be complicated, even for a relatively small bathroom like this one. There are a million decisions to make, orders to place, deliveries to check, potential installation problems and general goof-ups along the way. Hiring a designer helps the entire process go more smoothly. The end result is a 100% custom bathroom designed specifically for YOU. Unique fixtures and finishes will make your new space anything but ordinary.

If you're thinking about remodeling soon and you live in the Greater Dayton area, get in touch with me! You'll be glad you did!

Stay tuned next week for another bathroom project in the works. When finished, it's gonna knock your socks off :)

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  1. Fantastic work! In love with geometry in the tile and that octagonal mirror. So snappy!