Monday, December 10, 2012

Client Project: Transforming 1 Bathroom into 2

 This project was done for a family who moved to Dayton from out of state. Before they had even purchased the property, I was allowed into the home to take some photos and measurements in order to get started working on a bathroom layout. It was nerve wracking having only gone into the home once before the final plan was drafted!

The original bathroom was sort of a jack and jill bath except it had a lot of wasted space. There was so much wasted space in fact, I was able to turn it into two separate bathrooms for each of their children. Granted, they lost quite a bit of storage but luckily, a lack of storage was never an issue.

Here's the  before plan full of too many doors and awkward angles:

And here is the plan I came up with:

Later this week I'll be revealing the finished photos (Can't wait to show you!!), but for now, this is what it looked like before:

At 8'-6", this is definitely the longest vanity I've ever seen that wasn't in a public restroom!

Stay tuned for more later on!


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