Friday, November 18, 2011

Living Room Reveal

 I guess that's not really fair to call this a "reveal" since my living room still has a long way to go! Since it will probably be awhile before I get to it (I already have too many things going on!!) I'm going ahead and sharing it as is. I will post updates as things change along the way.

The living room already has a lot of character so I don't think I will have to do much to it. One thing I've been contemplating is tiling over the brick fireplace. What do you think? I know, its one of those issues of, do I leave it original for the history of it even though it looks dated? Or do I risk covering it to update it but may possibly regret it later on? hmmmmm. Not ready to make that decision yet. Plus, I like the brick, even though it is a bit dated.

When we first moved in there was a large mirror screwed to the top part of the fireplace. We took that down and then painted the accent color which is a historical Craftsmen color from Sherwin Williams. We also painted the other 3 walls a light neutral color to warm it up a bit. They were plain white before.

I'm all about bargains and I think the next couple of pictures really prove that - the curtains I made from fabric that was clearanced out at $.75 a yard. Can you believe that??!! Its so cuuuute with deer, swans, birds and little trees. I bought the entire bolt.
The little drawer stand I bought for $5 at a garage sale and refinished it myself. The lamp was $10 at a thrift store....just needed a new shade. And the chair was $7 at a thrift store which I also refinished myself (read more on that here)

The brown poofy looking chair isn't permanent - it belongs to my brother and I think he will be reclaiming it soon. Its super comfy though! The picture on the mantel is the original depiction of our home from the Sears catalog. The Elsmore. I had that printed and custom framed the first week I moved in. I think it is the most expensive thing in the room.

The sofa I pretty much got for free - I did a large staging job that required a sofa so I just bought one. It ended up paying for itself. I didn't make any money from the job but I got an awesome sofa out of the deal - it was totally worth it! And who could forget my 90% off coffee table?

This chair is a future project. I dug this out of my parent's barn the last time I was there. It belonged to my great grandmother - Laura Virginia Weimer. Don't know what the heck happened to it since then - I guess that's a bone I'll have to pick with my parents :)


  1. it looks great! i love the character. i am a sucker for built in bookshelves and french doors. =)

    i like the brick, too. have you thought about (i'm sure you have) just painting it over, so that it's updated and you still get to keep the brick? it really doesn't look bad, though...especially with the color of the woodwork in the room.

  2. What a great space and I must say I am in complete awe of your bargain hunting abilities!! The fabric is soooooo cute. I would leave the brick because it matches so nicely with the woodwork. It usually only looks dated when the woodwork is painted white. Great space!!

  3. Your living room has such great 'bones'/character. It looks so inviting, and so much to look at too.

  4. I want that sofa! Where can I find one?? - Rachel