Thursday, November 17, 2011

Various Shades of Jade

Green has always been my favorite color and I'm excited that bolder shades of it are now popular. I'm definitely sick of seeing sage green from the Martha Stewart craze of years past, as well as anything hunter green that was so popular in the early 90's. Jade is a rich hue that feels very relaxed but at the same time distinguished. The color comes from the stone "jade" and ranges in color from the well known deep green to lesser known pale greeny-blues. It can make a room feel more elegant and stylish by adding accents or by layering the room in different shades. Or you can just do the room in one entire color. Case in point:

I could fall asleep in a heartbeat........

design by Meredith Boswell

These are great examples of the color being layered within the space.

 And here are some great examples of jade accents.......... 


via ElleDecor

 ....And great accent pieces.....
peacock bowl by Jonathon Adler
adorable lamps from esty

via flickr - unfortunately I don't know where to actually buy one of these!

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