Friday, August 26, 2011

Bethany and Gage get Hitched!

Bethany and Gage got married 8.6.2011 (I know, its taken me forever to get these posted!) The wedding ceremony took place in my parent's backyard and the reception was at Gage's parent's house. Here are some photos of that lovely day:

I made our bouquets before the guests was so hot and humid that I had to completely re-curl my hair before the ceremony! :)

The little ring bearer.

Gage and his father.

My brother John and his friend Csilla.

Chaos before the processional!

The butterfly release.....look closely and you can see some of them!

One of the monarchs landed on Beth's bouquet right after the ceremony.

The whole gang; me, my mom, sister Bethany and new brother Gage, my dad and brother John.

Here are some photos of the reception!

the pretty......
and the not so pretty...... but both were delicious :)

Posing for the flowergirl.

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