Thursday, August 11, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover Challenge - Day 3

So the update on the room so far.........I am farther along than I originally planned to be at this point and may actually finish early. Of course, you won't be able to see it until after the happy couple are already home in case of the unlikely event that they get online while in Jamaica to look at my blog. I wouldn't want to give the big surprise away, doi.

I got all the painting finished. The paint was free; recognize the color? Its the same color I used in my space at the Home & Garden Show. I had a gallon and a half of paint leftover from that, donated by Sherwin Williams so I thought I might as well use it. One less thing I will have to buy and more money that can be used elsewhere. Plus this is Beth's favorite color and she requested a green room.

While I was painting Alfie must have leaned against a wall or something because now half his body is green. Mixed with his grey hair its not a pretty sight. I've been calling him "sloth" because he looks like he has moss growing on his fur! :) I just love that little guy.

And the red chair, as promise:

Thrift store score for ten bucks. And it looks way better in person. The fabric is in almost perfect condition and is really cute. This is a versatile piece because of the clean lines so if they get sick of it in their bedroom, they can move it elsewhere in the house for a new look!

I also went shopping and bought all the bedding, draperies and decorative pillows.

I'm still working on the nightstands, which I may design and build myself out of the leftover materials from the play castle (thinking low budget here!!!), bedside lamps, a cool hanging light fixture, and artwork. Hope I can pull it all together in less than 6 days!


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