Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Master Bedroom Before And After!

Finally........the moment you've all been waiting for................(as if you really care that much, haha!)

Bethany and Gage are on their way home from the honeymoon as I type! I cannot wait for them to see their brand new bedroom I created for them in the 8 days they've been gone on their honeymoon. It's a little contemporary, as well as sophisticated with a slight bohemian flair. Its also colorful and playful, just like their personalities.

So, once again, here's the before: (before blogs can be read here and here)

And here's the After!

Brian (my fiance) took all their wedding photographs (he also takes all my design photos!.......cute AND handy!) The photos on the wall above the chair (yep! that's my $10 thrift store chair!!) are another surprise since it will be the first time they see any of the pictures from the wedding. Here is one of my favs:

The dresser is a gift from my brother and the lamps were a gift from a friend :)

My father and I created the hanging light fixtures by buying shades I liked and a swag lamp kit. Then my magical dad rigged it all to look pretty and work

Yes, this is the SAME desk and chair from the before photos above! I found the grey paint in my basement left behind by the previous owners (score!) and I purchased the yellow paint. I recovered the chair with fabric left over from some drapes I made awhile back.

The wall hanging is from my last weekend project.

These drawings (by yours truly) I did as a birthday gift several years ago for Bethany. No new cost there!

So my budget for the room was $150-$200. Lets see how I did.

Wall paint - Free! I used leftovers from the Home & Garden Show
Headboard - Free! I made it previously for the Home & Garden Show and will also show you how to make one like it for this weekend's project.
Bedding - Free! The sheets were a wedding gift. The bed skirt is an extra brand new one I already had. I also already owned the quilt from a staging job I did earlier this year. The pillows I did buy on mega sale from Kohl's for a total of $45.
Throw Pillows - I used gift cards and spent a total of $20 for these.
Yellow Throw Blanket - $12 (heck yeah! and its uber soft) on sale at Meijer
Red Chair - $10 Thrift store steal!
Frames - $20 from Ikea

Curtain rods, bed, desk, decorative accessories, pencil drawings, nightstands, and hanging silk were their previous belongings.

Curtains - $40 from Ikea
Hanging Lamps - $70 total for everything to put them both together.
Yellow paint for desk - $15
Tray, wine glasses and plate (on bed) - $3. Yep. I used a Pier One Points Reward certificate which I get all the time since I charge so much for clients on my card.

Total: $230.

O.k. So I'm over budget. It was totally worth it :)

And it looks pretty darn good for $225 if I do say so myself!




  1. This is awesome. I wish you were closer to my area(california) I could really use your help haha. :)

  2. Thanks Lauren! I wish I were in California too!! ;)

  3. This looks fantastic! Amazing job staying close to budget. I'm impressed. :)