Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hungarian Folk Art

I took a little trip down memory lane the other day when showing my friend Csilla pictures from my trip to Hungary a few years ago. She's Hungarian and is moving back there in September so we had fun comparing places we've been and things we saw. Seeing the pictures again that I took from the "Neprajzi Muzuem" - or Ethnic Museum - of the folk art was amazing. I forgot how beautiful it is! It also gave me a direction for Bethany and Gage's room redo. I really think I can infuse some of those elements such as colors and patterns into their space and have it work with their personal style.

Here is the museum we went to in Budapest:

Gorgeous huh? Here are some of the folk-artsy things we saw while there:

The last picture is of my good friend and travel companion Scott and I posing with my new Hungarian garb (just like the blouse in the picture above that). I don't know, maybe these are super dorky to wear around in Hungary (kinda like the only people here in the US who wear big American flag shirts are tourists or hicks) I however, wear my beautiful blouse with pride!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update on the Master Bedroom redo! I found a killer vintage chair for only $10 while thrifting yesterday. Pics will be included :)

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