Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Flowers

One of the vendors I'm most excited about working with during our wedding planning process has been my florist, Jeff Martin located in Oakwood. I instantly liked him upon meeting for the first time when I briefly told him my vague concept and he disappeared into his little magical room hidden from the public's eye. When he reappeared, he had a handful of the most interesting and beautiful flowers and oddities......things I have never seen before. He was able to take the little information I had given him and bring my concept to life in a matter of minutes! Instantly seeing eye to eye with someone like that is kind of rare for me ( designers out there, lets all admit it; we're control freaks and no one can do it quite as good as us) but he impressed me so much and so quickly that I have complete faith in him and can't wait to see the final product!! Going from my wedding inspiration board, I found these images that show a little bit of what I want.....only with a few twists. Of course, I'm not going to give too much away....

Sorry my posts have been boring lately. I haven't had time to anything super creative. Beth's wedding is this Saturday so after that I should have some interesting things to post! Hold tight until then!

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