Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo Arrangements on a Wall

 I think everyone needs a good photo arrangement in their home whether it's family photos, family history, artwork, or just things you like. As long as they're hung uniform (whether neat OR messy as you'll see below) and in a grouping, just about anything goes. The arrangement will add a lot of warmth and visual interest to the space, as well as the perfect opportunity to personalize it any way you wish. Brian and I have been working on our own arrangement in our living room of his photography so I will share that later this week!

I love all these unique portraits! That would be such a fun thing to collect.


I love this idea. This could be done really cheap and the possibilities are endless. This would be so cool to put wallpaper in the frames for a living room, or one continuous painting, or even solid colors forming a geometric pattern in a kid's room.

This image is my favorite! I love how rich and studious it feels!

Arrangements can be cluttered and eclectic, or neat and simple!

Pictures don't necessarily have to be hung straight (though this would make me crazy!) Or they can be integrated with another collection.

I love this last idea as well. This adds so much personality to an otherwise boring and pretty useless space! Think about the end of a hallway, entrance near the garage door or back door, or a niche. Bathroom maybe? What about the space behind a door that usually stays open? It would make for a fun surprise for whenever the door closes to reveal the arrangement.  


Hope this gives you some good ideas. Now get a-hangin'! Stay tuned for pictures of my own arrangement later this week!


  1. So glad to have found your blog! Great post, I love a good, interesting art collection. Can't wait to see your arrangement.

  2. I have just signed up to your blog. A gorgeous blog. Mimi xx