Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bathroom Floor Update

Remember this bathroom floor? We have thankfully made a little progress despite my being sick since that last post!

Brian removed the vanity......

Which kinda made a mess. We had to clean up and scrape off the vinyl flooring from under the vanity.

Now that the floor is all clean we found a crack in the middle of it and also realized the tile was in too bad of shape to try to salvage. So many of the tiles were discolored and with the crack going down the middle there were several cracked and missing ones.

I fixed the crack the best I could with this stuff that went on like putty and dried really hard and then got sanded, and then I painted the floor with a thick coat of binding primer......

and then two coats of floor enamel in a dark grey that matches the tile surround. The toilet still needs to be taken off in order to finish the flooring underneath but we decided to save that "fun" project for another day.

The pennies will be going on next. But for now I think the painted floor looks nice and feels clean underfoot compared to the nasty half scraped vinyl and glue floor we lived with for the past two weeks. I'm not in a hurry to start the last step!

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