Friday, October 21, 2011

Retro Rooms

Retro is back and all things mid-century modern are in. I first fell in love with this style period as a design student in my history of furniture class. The images in my textbook seemed to jump off the pages at me because of the uniqueness of the pieces. They're comfortable often with rich wood tones or fun, bright colors and have the amazing ability to fit into just about any surrounding. This design period is also interesting because many of those growing up with this style are still around today. Case in point, I remember the first time antique shopping with my parents after coming home from school and they noticed me pointing out all the modern** pieces. When gushing over one item in particular, my dad remarked "it just looks outdated to me." At first I thought psssssh, that's just the opinion of a typical out of touch parent. But then it got me thinkin; what's going to be cool when I have kids? What crazy, ridiculous things are going to come back into style again that we'll gag at?

While you ponder that, here are some amazing retro-inspired rooms to get your juices flowing.

(also provides me with some inspiration for the retro-ish living room I'm working on!)

Retro to go

Jonathon Adler

architects for life

Apartment Therapy

**quick pet peeve about the word modern and its incorrect usage by many people today when describing design: "modern" actually refers to a period of design - mid-century modern - between 1945-1965. When referring to a piece of furniture that's "modern," as in cutting edge by today's standards, the correct term is contemporary. O.k., that's all my whining for today! Sorry, but using this term interchangeably can get confusing!!


  1. I had no idea that "modern" is actually a period of design - cool to be set straight on that regard! Also, I want to live in the photos you've included for inspiration. :)

  2. My parents are the same - anytime I spot a mid-century or retro piece they think it's awful! I think we are going to have some embarrasing thoughts back to wallpaper, starburst mirrors, wood grain laminates and all the high gloss finishes. Mind you, I love most of it now but wonder what I'll think in 10 years!