Friday, October 14, 2011

Watercolor Weekend

I was pumped to come home from work yesterday and find the latest Anthropologie catalog in my mailbox. I've fallen in love with this ottoman that looks as if it was painted with watercolors.

With a price tag of 1700 bones, it's safe to say I'll never own it.

Watercolor has always been my favorite media to work in. In highschool I won some awards for my watercolors and I'm a member of the Ohio Watercolor Society but I regret to say I really haven't done much painting since highschool. Well, this ottoman has me inspired and has my brain a-thinkin. What if I could "paint" my own fabric using various dyes?? Just imagine all the crazy concoctions I could come up with then!!! (yes, I had trouble sleeping last night ........oh, when my creativity gets rollin.....) I promise I'm not going to give up on this idea. May be awhile before I have anything to show for it but I will keep you posted fo sho.

With that being said I'll leave you with some paintings from my favorite watercolor artist, Paul Jenkins. His colors are so vibrant and beautiful and rich. His bleeding, feathery textures give me goosebumps.

Happy Weekend!!

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