Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Headbaord Ideas

  1. I love how varied headboards can be these days. Just about anything will work! Some of these ideas are great......and some of them not so great (in my opinion!). Sorry, but I don't want chalk dust anywhere close to my bed! Whether it's a found object, hand painted or handmade, hopefully these ideas will inspire you to create something new. 
This first one is cut out of sheet metal. I love the look of it but can't imagine sleeping next to such sharp corners! Let's hope the edge was treated.

  1. via FunkyJunkInteriors
    vie Dreamy Whites

    via Funky Junk Interiors

    via Adeeni Design Group

    I love this one!!
    photo by Daniel Bodenmiller

    This one would be easy to make and looks great:
    via roomzaar
    via HGTV

    via Lakeitha Duncan

    Painting it a fun color helps make the bed even more of a focal point:

    I love how tall this one is:
  2. via Isabelle & Max Rooms

    This one is slip covered:
  3. via Holly Mathis

    I love this alternative look to an upholstered headboard. Using nails, it gives it a slightly more rustic and comfortable look.
    Designed by Dan Faires

    This headboard is just a wall decal that pops against a bright wall color.
    by Vanessa De Vargas

    This one is a blown up picture they found and had framed!
    via messagenote

    I think we've all seen this before in the blog world. It never seems to get old though! That would be terrifying to have a plate fall on your face in the middle of the night, haha!

And here is the ever popular chalkboard paint. Like I said above, I think it's a cute idea but the thought of chalk dust on my bed and pillows creeps me out. I can't even stand the way chalk feels on my hands!
  1. via The Inglenook Decor

    via Design Sponge

    This one is fabric just glued to the wall using liquid starch and an iron.
    via metalandmud

    via Apartment Therapy

    A Mantel? Cute!
    via Apartment Therapy

    More chalk, ugh

    Pretty Fabrics always work.
  2. via I Suwannee

    Salvaged doors?

    A large mirror....seems like it would get dirty

  3. I love this one! It's so bright and cheery!


  1. Love the paris headboard, and looks so easy to make too!

  2. i cannot get enough of upholstered headboards. so dying to do one in my own home!

  3. Wow, great ideas!! My next project is the headboard. Bedroom looks so sad without one...

  4. Love the one with the Paris stamp.
    great post.

  5. So many great options to choose from.
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  6. Love your selection of headboards! Funny I just did a post on headboards a few weeks ago!!! You spend a lot of time on bed so why not make it a beautiful dreamy place!???

    Definitely following you and would love a follow back!


    holly foxen wells