Monday, April 30, 2012

My Dining Room Needs Help!

Wanted to mention that Remodelaholic is featuring some of my design projects today! Be sure check it out here! I'm pretty excited about it since I'm still new to all this blogging stuff like getting and doing features, guest blogging, etc. If any of you have any advice, I'd love to hear it!

Now for the dreaded dining room........

Ever since I've moved into my house a little more than a year ago, I've always felt like my dining room hasn't been quite right. We rarely eat in here and most of the time it ends up being the place where I dump all my projects so it's always a mess.

 This is what it first looked like after I loved in, which is probably a little better than what it looks like now, haha. I know the photo quality is terrible but it's the only one I have.

I wanted to change my furniture so I bought a neat Danish Modern dining set off Craig's List for like a 100 bucks a couple of months ago. Score! The table and chairs are in really good shape but the china cabinet really needs to be refinished.

This is a gorgeous hand embroidered silk piece my father picked up in Japan back in the 70's. I just had it custom framed last week......and apparently was too lazy to remove the plastic, haha.    Actually, I'm using it in an upcoming staging job and don't want to remove the plastic until the last minute. See, there is a method to my madness! (the lamp shades on the brass lamps are also brand new and I'm not 100% sure I'm keeping them yet so there's tacky plastic on them as well) I told you the dining room needed help.

Overall the dining room has a lot of warmth and character. I love all the windows and the french doors (unfortunately I didn't get a shot of those). It's one of the brightest rooms in the house. It just needs some attention that I haven't had the time to get around to yet.

So this what I have in mind: First and foremost, the walls need to be painted. I want to either paint it a pretty emerald green like this room by Miles Redd:

Or I want to attempt to make my walls look like this:

What do you guys think?

Things to do:

1. Paint walls
2. Rug for under the table
3. Refinish china cabinet and table and chairs to match
4. Reupholster dining chairs
5. Rearrange furniture, accessories and artwork (including move wine fridge to basement)
6. Pillows for side chairs

This ought to keep me busy for awhile!


  1. Do the water color walls. I'd love to see someone try that - the walls would be the art!

  2. You have a lot of work or maybe I should say fun, ahead of you! The watercolor walls would be a stretch for me just b/c I tire of things too easily. But they are certainly unique and if anyone could pull it off, you could! Good luck!