Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Tip: Spring Cleaning Organization

Make spring cleaning a breeze with this "To Do" list printable by  A Pair of Fears. Visit their blog here to get your free copy!


  1. Loving this idea! It makes it much easier to tackle when you break it down by day. Great idea!

  2. Wishing I would have had this list a few weeks ago. Going to check it out. Sure there's something else I can check off!
    Have a great week!

  3. Dear Laura,

    I love your blog! Especially the posts where you feature cheap DIY projects for around the house. I am planning an indoor/outdoor party in a month and I desperately need to fix up the house. As a devoted reader, I would love to see a post dedicated to DIY house ideas for summer parties. I need to do everything from find a way to disguise our ugly coaches to create an aesthetic other than junky college house. The theme will be a Texas Chili cook off with horseshoes, light food and of course light beer.

    Please help!

    Freaked Out in Florida