Monday, April 2, 2012

Mondays Weekend Updates

Last week and weekend was a busy one! Yesterday I made some serious progress in my backyard and worked on my calluses, haha. My gardens are starting to look more like flowerbeds rather than weed gardens so I'm pretty happy about that!

I started several new projects last week including a bathroom remodel, kitchen gut job, whole house makeover AND helping to design a recording studio for my brother and his friends/business partners. I want to share some of the before photos from the recording studio with you. This should be an interesting one! Currently it doesn't look like much but I'll walk you through it with some of my ideas and hopefully you'll start to see my vision for this place.

Above are the front entry doors. I think it would be cool to do a feature wall on the wall straight ahead with some seating for a small reception area.

This what it looks like coming in from the front doors. Straight ahead is the restroom with a sound booth off to the left of that (framed in). The sound booth will have two windows and a door.

Here's a shot of the bathroom. Nothing too exciting going on in here. I'm sure some paint and some artwork and perhaps a vanity to hold the water heater will work wonders in here.

Walking in the front door and looking to the left is the main room. This will pretty much stay as open as possible  for space for loading/unloading and band's equipment. There will be floor to ceiling curtains dividing the reception room from the main room. 

Another shot of the sound booth framed in.....

Here's a shot of the main room looking at the front wall with the entry doors. I recommended doing an installation piece involving stretched fabric to help with sound dampening. The large pieces will be hung over the piano and also the organ.

Well, that's it for now! I told you it didn't look like much yet but I'll keep you updated on our progress! As for the other projects, hopefully I'll have something to show off soon (including some of the progress in the yard!)


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  1. I really like the red front doors! They add a fun pop and would be cool to incorporate into the design! For example, in the bathroom the pipe beside the toilet would look really cool painted in a high gloss red!