Thursday, October 18, 2012

Basement Bedroom Progress

I know, I'm FINALLY getting back around to this. So much has happened in the past month with traveling to Florida, meeting with new clients, planning Brian's birthday (coming up this weekend!), etc. that we made very little progress on the bedroom. Now that our guests are coming next Friday, as in almost a week from today, our butts are in gear to get this finished!

Here is what it looked like when we left off last time: (You can read more about it here)

So since then we have framed two walls and the closet. The other two walls (exterior walls) are staying concrete. My brother convinced me to leave it exposed for maintenance issues down the road. The room will also be larger because of it and honestly, I kinda like the personality they add to the space not being perfect.

Sorry for these terrible photos! These were taken at like 1am last night after the work was finished for the day. 

You may notice that some of the framing is a little odd - well that's because this room is odd in general. Things had to be tailored to fit crooked walls and floors.

The inside of the closet is also staying concrete (it's an interior wall) so we did not frame it.

We used 2x3's instead of 2x4's in order to conserve some space since the room is pretty small (9' x 10')

Studs were then anchored to the concrete walls. This was also a huge pain. Our first attempt proved unsuccessful because we didn't have the right equipment. That set us back a couple of days. Notice the floor in this picture? That's how much the floor is off! I'm hoping it won't matter much once the flooring and baseboards go in.

We ran all the electrical wiring last night before starting on the drywall. The photo above shows the first piece of drywall to go in.

And more went up after that! Here are the boys at work; my husband (left) and my brother (right).

 We also replaced the door with a nice, solid oak door that was the door to a closet we're getting rid of on the other side of the basement. I'm gad we were able to reuse it. Again, this was a huge pain to change the door since the concrete door opening was nothing close to square. It will get stained in the next couple of days and I'm hoping it will look lovely :)

Here are the two walls that are staying concrete. We filled in the old coal door opening - not the best looking but it gets the job done! One day we may revisit it to fill it in properly but for now there's no time. I'm hoping to hide it some once the artwork goes up.

I'm really happy with the progress that was made last night but there's still a ton to do this weekend in order to stay on track. Here's what we still need to do:

- Finish installing drywall (our goal was to get it done last night but everyone was way too tired to keep working when 1am rolled around)
- tape all seams and put on drywall compound
- sand, prime and paint
- stain door to bedroom and finish staining closet doors
- install flooring (I think I'm most looking forward to this step!)
- install closet doors and shelving
- install baseboard trim, window and door casing and crown moulding
- Move in the furniture!!

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