Monday, October 15, 2012

Bizarre Weekend Estate Sale....

I went to this estate sale over the weekend and it was seriously one of the craziest hoarder show-worthy  things I've ever seen.

There were 28, YES, 28 ROOMS full of vintage costumes, masks, shoes, hats, furniture, toys, play props, movie memorabilia, and even vintage/antique porn collected by an elderly woman. No, I didn't take any photos of the latter.

 These chairs I thought were super cool and they were in really great condition...and there were TEN of them! I hope someone scooped these up!

This was a costume from a movie....can't remember what though so I'm not very helpful :)

 One of about 3 rooms full of costumes. Just in time for Halloween!

And one of 2 rooms full of nothing but hats. Like I said, craziness. 

And a couple of rooms full of toys. It was pretty creepy in there - I didn't stay long.

 And this was creepy too.

The sale, while I didn't buy much, was still worth going to. In fact, I think they should have charged admission! It was a sight to see although by the end of it I was feeling overwhelmed, claustrophobic and just a bit creeped out in general. I went home and, after washing my hands right away, began packing stuff up for Goodwill. It is one of my fears to end up like that - old, alone, with a ton of crap everywhere. I think designer types in general tend to collect hoard things because really, we know we'll find the PERFECT spot for IT one day, right??

p.s. sorry for not posting very often anymore. Honestly it's hard to find the time and the inspiration to do it all the time! Kudos to those of you who are consistent! I promise, when I have something worth sharing (like the gems above), you will be the first to see it. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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