Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend recap of Basement Reno

The past weekend was a busy one with most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday spent working on the bedroom. It was also my husband's birthday on Saturday and I feel like I have some major making up to do since we spent most of his birthday working!

The good news is we finished up all the drywall and got the first coat of stain on the door (closet doors are finished and waiting to be installed also!)

The walls were then primed:

And finally painted with the light fixture installed:

The walls are Sherwin Williams "Intelligible grey" and the ceiling is Sherwin Williams "hazel" - a really pretty bluish green color. It looks great in the daylight! These colors were ones I already had from previous projects so it was a nice way to use up some up the million of paint cans I have in storage!

Here's another photo of what the light looks like. I'm trying to carry the craftsmen feel of the home throughout the basement as well.

Yesterday Brian and I purchased, stained and finished all the baseboard trim and casing for the doors. The window and the crown moulding will be painted "panda white". I also vacuumed and scrubbed the concrete floor in preparation of today's flooring installation (hopefully!!) We will be installing it ourselves after work today so it should be interesting, haha.

So here's my updated to-do list:
- Finish installing drywall
- tape all seams and put on drywall compound
- sand, prime and paint

- stain door to bedroom and finish staining closet doors
- install flooring (I think I'm most looking forward to this step!)
- install closet doors and shelving
- install baseboard trim, window and door casing and crown moulding
- Move in the furniture!!

Deadline to have everything finished is Thursday night! Wish us luck!

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