Friday, September 30, 2011

Bathroom Floor

I guess its that time again.......time to pick up where we left off on our bathroom remodeling project from several weeks ago! I can't believe I've let so much time go by but I've never been busier in my entire life than I've been the past couple of months.

We actually finished the tile in the shower and I got my ginormous mirror hung on the wall and the crown molding installed (you will see photos of that later). The next thing we need to figure out is the flooring before we move onto the custom countertop. Since we're attempting to salvage the original tile, it makes for a tough job. Here is the before photo of one section of the floor just so you can see what we're up against.

After removing the baseboards and peeling up what we could of the vinyl floor, we're left with glue and part of the vinyl still stuck down. Not as easy as of a transition as I was hoping for. I headed to Lowe's and found this product:

This stripper is made specifically for tile flooring to dissolve glue and messy grout. So far its worked pretty well. I spread the product on the floor with a paint brush, waited an hour and then began to scrape and scrub. This what it looks like now:

Not too bad for just one coat. I figure with another coat, perhaps some light sanding/buffing with a very very fine sand paper and a fresh layer of grout, it will look like new...........or close enough :)

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