Friday, December 2, 2011

"After" Photos of our DIY Bathroom Remodeling Project!

Our one and only bathroom in our home (except for the creepy basement bathroom.....I don't really count that one!) is finally finished after months and months of working on it.

I am embarrassed to say that Brian and I began this DIY project in June. Considering neither one of us knew what we were doing, and to top it off our house was built in 1923 so nothing is square or "normal", the project took about 5 months longer than planned!

I think it was worth it in the end:

 Here's a breakdown of the process:

Before and The Plan:  click here to read more 
(This was so long ago it has my old logo on it! haha)

Step 1: Demolition  click here to read more
The tons of lathe strips created great bonfire material during the fall :)

Step 2: Construction click here to read more

Step 3: Drywall and more Demo! click here to read more

Step 4: Drywall finishing & Paint click here to read more

Step 5: Remove Flooring and old Vanity click here to read more

And finally, Here's the After!

This is one of my favorite paintings. I picked up this print at the Belvedere Museum in Austria a couple of years ago so it holds some wonderful memories as well!

And lastly, here is our real "penny flooring."

This has been one of my most unique bathrooms I've done. I may not have tried this in a client's house because there were a lot of uncertainties in the details that we had to work through, but now I feel more confident. Everything came together in the end and Brian and I really learned a lot - about construction and about each other! Seriously, doing a remodeling project together before, during, and after getting married is the best marriage counseling you can get! haha. There were definitely times we were at each others throats but now we can share this sense of accomplishment together.

I also have to thank my dad and my brother for putting in some hours helping us through the toughest parts!

Next week I'll show you how we did the floor and the countertop so stay tuned.

 I think we're ready to tackle that creepy basement bathroom after this :)



  1. wow, this looks great! love that sink, and the penny floor! colors and materials look warm and inviting. awesome!

  2. This is nothing short of amazing! Just love everything about it. Simply fabulous!

  3. So cool. Love the sink!! A job well done.

  4. Hi this project, what a lot of work! Love the floor too..awesome! We just bought a 1937 home and we are about to start on it, so excited! ;D

  5. I am blown away by this bathroom. And don't apologise for the five month time frame, all my home projects seem to be taking that long as well! I love the floors (they are pennies right?) and all the feature tiling, and that lovely curvy vanity. Beautiful!

  6. Fabulous makeover! It's such a warm and inviting bathroom now. My favorite is definitely the sink, it's super gorgeous!


  7. amen on the marriage counseling! any little because a huge issue during a remodel ... we know this all to well! your bathroom is AMAZING!

  8. Great post! I LOVE the modern art piece you have hung up on the wall! Very intricate design... Interesting.

    -Bronx Shower Doors

  9. Beautiful! Could you tell me what tile you used for backsplash and the larger tile in shower area?

  10. Great job!. Been there, done that with the "late-relationship-project-lapses-into-early-marriage-project" situation. You're right, it is a great foundation for a great partnership in life. Now you guys can tackle anything. Beautiful work.

  11. Good job! You shared all pics of your work.Before remodeling its looking ugly and after your work now it is looking very attractive.I want to remodel bathroom of my home also.Thanks for sharing.

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