Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Home for the Holidays

This is our main tree in the living room in front of the window. Its a very cute tree but next year I'm hoping to get something bigger : )


 Part of the mantel decorations - I feel lucky to have fireplace if for no other reason than decorating it at Christmas!

And the dining room - originally I wanted both trees in the living room but they took up too much space. This one works nicely in front of the large dining room windows. I'm sure the neighbors get a good view of it from their backyard, haha. 

I love the color of the dining room walls, it goes so well with the decorations!

p.s. don't mind the piles of furniture on the right hand side of this picture - those are all future projects!

Merry Christmas Eve's, Eve's, Eve's, Eve's, Eve!


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  1. Hay you brought back my memories, the beautiful candle dinner with my family is can't be forgotten, thanks ! Lisa Home Interiors