Friday, December 30, 2011

My top 10 from 2011

This has been a great year for me both in my personal life, as well as my business life, in taking big risks and making big moves. This has been my first year for consistently writing my blog....well since about June anyway! I'm hoping to keep it going throughout 2012 as well. I hope you'll stick around!

Here's my Top 10 favorite posts from 2011......I hope you enjoy them!

         We actually purchased the home in mid December of last year but I didn't actually move in until late January because I was house-sitting. This blog shows some photos of my new home before and during the move.

       This Bedroom seriously rocks and these parents must be super rich, haha. I found this project while searching for inspiration for the children's room I designed for the Oakwood Showhouse......

.........which brings me to my next post, 

#8 - Who Wants a Castle?
This year was my first year participating in Dayton's showhouse that takes place every other year to raise money for the Dayton Philharmonic. I did the third floor space and designed it as children's playspace to encourage use of their imaginations. One of the main items was a large two story playcastle I designed and built with my father. 

     This was a project I spent much of the spring working on for a client as a small apartment for when he was in town. It was difficult but also fun )what can I say, I love challenges!) 

       This artist is amazing and her under-water shots never cease to amaze me!

       This project was particularly fun because it was for my little sister as a wedding present. I redid the entire bedroom while they were on their honeymoon!

         This was a fun project beginning to end. It's always great when a client is super easy going and listens to your every idea! This client truly was a dream client and I'm looking forward to more projects in the future. 

        A monumental event for sure this year was tying the knot. I don't think our photos could have turned out any better :)

        This project was a little different for me - it's a little funky but a lot of fun!

      This project took so long to complete and took place amidst all the busy-ness of the year. I'm so glad it's finished for us and guests alike!

Happy New Year! I had fun reflecting on the past and am looking forward to the future. 


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  1. Wow what a great idea to your fave posts from the year! I may need to copy this idea ;)