Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pinterest......It's Addicting

So I finally joined Pinterest after months and months of thinking about it. To tell you the truth, I'm not really into all this online social networking stuff (getting burned out majorly.....especially with facebook) and I thought of Pinterest as just one more thing to soak up even more of my time.

Well, I was right. Pinterest is addicting and I find myself spending more time on there than I do writing blogs. Pinterest is the epitome of instant gratification. It can also be visual overload after awhile. Just type in what you want and BAM! hundreds of beautiful images meet your eye instantly. Its easy to save them to any board you create so for an interior designer, this is actually a tool I can use with my clients (another excuse for wasting more time on there!) Want a white sofa? Well what kind? Do you like this style or this style? You get the idea -  I can create boards with inspiration specifically for them and they can add their own images as well. A pretty nifty idea.

Anywho, if you care to follow me along on there, I'm added a Pinterest button just to the left :)

I'll see you there!


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