Monday, December 5, 2011

Tipp City's 2011 "Christmas in the Village"

 Before I get into the Christmas event, I wanted to mention my bathroom remodeling project was featured yesterday on Beatrice Banks. Go HERE to check it out!

Tipp City is an adorable, historic little town filled with antique shops and furniture stores located just North of Dayton. Every year to kick off the holiday season they have "Christmas in the Village" where several historical homes open their doors to the public for touring. Different homes are included every year and each one is unique. Some are grand, some are quaint, but each have a story to tell. 

This year the theme was "over the top tabletop" where each home featured a different local interior designer to create a holiday table setting. Here's what I came up with for the home I was assigned.

The room already had a lot of blue and white in it so I used those colors as the basis for my scheme. I added gold for a little Christmas warmth. The glass plates with the leaves belonged to the homeowner and they were something she really wanted to include since they were a gift from her sister. The wine glasses (Pier 1) and the variety of glass and crystal candlesticks (collected from thrift stores) help carry the look across the entire table.

I also incorporated several pieces of Mercury glass (from TJ Maxx) that is popular right now. I really like the glass because it can go towards silver, or it can go towards gold. With the pieces sitting on the gold tablecloth, they really took on more of a "gold" characteristic.

For the main centerpiece I used branches gathered from my parents' yard that I spray painted white by hanging them on a clothes line. This is easy and cheap to do and the white branches always look really elegant. I've also done them in gold or silver before. The window wreaths and center garland were made from pine branches from my own backyard. I added sprigs of pine to the tabletop to anchor them into the room.

Overall I think the room had a very happy feel to it throughout the day, and a very elegant feel once it turned dark.

Here are the other dining tables. I like that each one is so different.
by Deb DeCurtains of Acorn Studios
by Anne Rettig
by Anne Rettig

by Anne Rettig

by Jon Blunt
designer unknown

by Randy Luken

by Randy Luken

The rest of this home was gorgeous as well:

Some carolers we saw along the way :)

by Diana Begley
by Diana Begley

by Hapinstance

I hope this helps put you in the Christmas spirit! I know I always feel good after touring the lovely homes each year. Its a great way to start off the holidays!


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