Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who Wants a Castle?

The Dayton Philharmonic Showhouse has come to an end and now I'm stuck with a giant play castle that I designed and my dad built for my room. I've been meaning to put it on Craig's list to see if anyone wants to buy it. It's basically any kid's dream and can even house a twin-sized mattress on the second level. Here are some "after" pictures of the castle. To see more pics of my space you can visit my website

The castle was built in about 3 days - my dad and I put in some late nights to get this thing done on time! The painting took forever. Every side has 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of exterior paint. Then I painted the decorative painting on the front and sides. When it was finished, the work wasn't. We had to disassemble it, pack it up, drive it to the house, carry it up to the third floor where it was then reassembled. After the show we had to take it all apart again, load it up, and then unload it where it sits lonely, pining for playmates, in my garage. If I can't sell it I have a couple good ideas for it:

1. crazy-awesome dog house for Alfie in the backyard. All the neighborhood dogs would be so jealous. Of course, I would probably have to add an automatic treat dispenser to fully deck out his pad.


2. set it up in my basement, fill it with a bunch of floor pillows, and create the coolest hookah lounge anyone's ever seen.


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  1. Oh my gosh- so cute! What kid wouldn't want a play castle? Love the idea of it as a dog house as well. That would be one spoiled dog :)