Friday, July 15, 2011

Bathroom Update.....

So now that its been over a month and our bathroom is nowhere near completion, and bonus!!, we now have a real deadline since I'm hosting a bridal shower for my sister at my house a week from tomorrow! I caved and called in the backup troops (meaning: my dad, Tim the Toolman)

He finished up the framing and most of the cement board and drywall.
There is still a little more cement board to go up but at least the majority is now done and its starting to look like a real shower again.

We will install a light/fan combo in the shower ceiling.

Pretty, shiny new plumbing!

And if you look closely you can see the original "tile" in the back....its pink. And its not really tile, they just stamped the final layer of plaster to look like tile. Kind of fun. And I like that we're leaving it there for the next remodelers, who knows when down the road, to find.

o.k., so this wall is still a huge mess. We worked on scraping off some of the paint since it was not sticking to the drywall compound from before. We also removed the "arm" of the banjo countertop to prepare for the new countertop to go in. I'm hoping to get all this smoothed and painted this weekend. Could take a bit longer though because all the electrical has to be repositioned for the new light and receptacles.

And COOL! We found the original floor tile underneath the cheapo floral vinyl. I am going to work on peeling more of the vinyl up to see if it can be salvaged. If we can get it to look good I will consider keeping it. Otherwise, we'll go with our original plan with the pennies.

I now feel inspired to keep going with this and work even harder to get it finished! Can't wait to reveal the finished product to you.....I really think it will be luxurious and beautiful. At least, it HAS to be better than my shower I'm currently using in my basement!


  1. I secretly hope the tile on the floor cannot be saved. I want to see the penny flooring.

  2. who loves my makeshift light? haha.