Monday, July 11, 2011

Lucky Save-the-Dates

I know my last week's worth of posts have been weak, but with wedding planning out the wazoo, I probably won't have time for too much design stuff until this fall. Did I mention my 'little sister' is getting married 28 days before me? Two weddings in a month is double the amount of crazy females.

Anyway, when I was a kid writing letters to people was one of my favorite hobbies. I think I enjoyed it so much because I loved using fancy stationary and pens. Now that I'm a big girl, not much has changed. I had a blast (and a headache!!) designing, printing and putting together my own wedding invitations. You will definitely get a peek at those at some point down the road. For now, here's our "Save-the-Date" postcards Brian and I created:

the front:

and the back:

Everyone who received these comment on how much they loved the photos. Kind of a funny story about those. Brian proposed on February 13th......we already had our date of September 3rd in mind before he officially proposed. Since there wasn't much time, I wanted to get the Save the Dates in the mail asap. So on February 14th, we rushed home from work, changed, hopped on the tandem and rode to the Patterson memorial where Brian set the timer and we managed to get a couple of good shots. Basically it was complete luck. Luck that the weather was fairly warm for February, luck that it was still light enough for a good shot since it gets dark so early that time of year, and luck that we even got some good shots considering that a storm was quickly moving in and the wind was blowing like crazy! Also lucky that we made it home just in time before the rain hit!

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