Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beautiful Beds

There are so many different options when it comes to beds to the bedroom. Here are some that are so whimsical, romantic and dreamy, they make me want to curl up with Alfie and go right to sleep. I think Alfie would approve of that plan.

This first one is so insanely beautiful that I had to include more than one photo. It looks like something straight from Rivendell. And in case you're not a big nerd like me and don't know what that is, scroll down.

This, is Rivendell :)

This is Dracula's Bed from Bran castle in Romania:

I promise this entire post is not centered around fairytale beds. I just wanted to get those out of the way first..........although these certainly are fairytale-esque!

This one I couldn't resist including in here. Not that the bed is really anything that special, just the room as a whole. I think I could sleep forever in there.......and would probably end up being a bad thing, haha
And since I really do love contemporary design as well, although its been placed on the back-burner since I bought a historical house, here are some for the ultra hip.

And last but not least is this bed from Anthropologie that I've had a crush on for like a year now. I really hope I can get this one day for my guest room. Whatcha think?

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  1. Ohh its a really ultramodern product. I like all those beautiful beds and I want to make this type of product for my bedrooms.