Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stairway to Heaven

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

I would always fall down the big main staircase in our house. My favorite thing in the world was to pretend to be horribly killed at the top of it, and to fall dramatically down to the bottom of it.
-David Hyde Pierce

My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth's loveliness.

If there is a such thing as a staircase to heaven, one of these might be it!

This next one is an idea Brian and I have for the staircase to our basement. Since the stairs overlap each other its space saving. Currently where our stairs end, there is only about 26" of space until there's an 8" thick solid concrete wall. Since the wall is not going anywhere, shortening the length of the staircase is our only other option. Since we have a large dorothy door leading into the backyard, we wouldn't have to worry about moving furniture or large items down these. What do you think?

(I wonder how Alfie would do on these........)

And the most heavenly of them all.....


  1. I love the crazy modern staircase at the beginning with the black stairs, however i dont know if i could trust a walk up them.

  2. the books one might work for our house! we need more storage anyhow.