Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bathroom Update....Finally Making Progress!

This past week my bathroom has really come together. There is still a lot of work to be done but I was at least able to make it semi-presentable in time for the bridal shower (with lots of help from my dad of course!) Here are some pictures of the work that has been done since last time.

The mirror and rug are my attempts to make it look somewhat more welcoming for the bridal shower guests. Once work resumes, they will be removed again - and don't worry, the mirror will not be going back in. I realize its about 4 sizes too small!

All of the drywall/plaster work is finished and all surfaces have been painted. Some of the crown molding still needs to go up but it is also painted and ready to go.

I love the new light fixture! It gives a really pleasant glow to the bathroom unlike the previous fixture with all the exposed fluorescent bulbs.....hideous.

The tile detailing around the window is also complete. Still waiting for the rest of the tile to go up. I can't wait until its finished!

So the major things we have to work on next:
-removal of vanity and install floating countertop, new sink and faucet
-hang new mirror (which is going to look great in there - its huge!!)
-finish up the tiling
-flooring. Haven't attempted to tear up more of the vinyl flooring yet because I wanted the floor intact for the party. I may work on it this weekend to see whether or not the original tile floors underneath will stay.
-odds and ends of stuff - crown molding, new towel bars, tp holder, decorative items

Hopefully the next time I post something on my bathroom, it will be finished!!


  1. Laura! I am so impressed with everything you are doing. I have no idea how you are doing so much amazing work, your job, and planning a wedding. You are officially kicking my butt. Inspiring you are my dear...

  2. Well you know I have to have this bathroom in tip-top shape for when you come to stay with me!!! :)