Monday, July 18, 2011

Geek Interiors

Finally, some interior furnishings for the unfortunately not-so-stylish geeks. These items are raising the bar for those who consider tv trays and computer parts interior decoration.

(o.k., I admit it. Some of these things are seriously cool.)

These pillows are inexpensive (80 bucks for all 3), eco friendly AND can be purchase on Amazon! What more could a geek want?

LED carpeting anyone? Can you imagine how cool this would be in a home movie theater? I can't promise this product to be easy on the wallet but check out LamaConcept for more info.

These Rubiks Cube tables would look great in front of a clean-lined contemporary sofa.

This do-it-yourselfer created an illuminated coffee table from old circuit boards. Smart AND handy! :)

Nothing says welcome like a barcode doormat!

And for those you don't want to welcome at the door, there's always this:

The "Shift" chair by Simone Micheli is definitely not my taste (I just imagine wearing shorts and sticking to the vinyl when you try to stand up) but I suppose it could look trendy in a teenager's room. But what parent is going to spend $3,900 on a chair for their kid's room?

You're probably looking at this thinking "whats so geeky about this chair?" Well, I'm not talking about the chair but rather the custom print of your own DNA hanging on the wall.

They even make them for him and sweet!

Maybe the answer to our obesity problem in the US is a fridge that only opens by fingerprint recognition. Electrolux's Screenfridge is still in the works. It was first created and tested as a prototype in 2001 but has yet to be released to the general public. I'm sure its only a matter of time though. The fridge will also include Internet, television, radio, cell phones, and broadband. It also has a small video camera to record messages from family members, and can store shopping lists and the family calendar. The Screenfridge can suggest dinner ideas based on the contents of the refrigerator, and if you forget your shopping list at the grocery store, no biggie! Just call up and ask your fridge! duh!

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