Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Elsmore's Attic

I said awhile ago I would post some "before" photos of the attic. Since I spent a lot of time this weekend cleaning and I moved all the stuff that was sitting in front of the attic door, I was finally able to get up there and snap a couple of shots. Here ya go:

These are the stairs that lead up to the attic. I'm standing in the attic looking down to the door that takes you into the dining room.

This gable extends over the front porch. The little window is currently the only window in the attic.

It's kind of hard to get a feel for the layout with these photos but its basically one large open area over the entire house with one gabled area that extends over the front porch.

Lots of potential! And with the addition of a few more gables and/or dormers, more of this space will be useable.

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  1. I just stumble upon this while doing a finished attic image search. I also have an Elsmore!!! The attic was finished in the 40's and we plan on rehabbing and adding a bathroom. I was curious to see how your renovation is going.