Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Grand Entrance

A first impression of your home begins at the front door. The front door is also said to be a reflection of those living within. Most front doors I come across are boring or an afterthought (especially on new, cookie cutter homes!) and nothing is worse than a terribly faded door.

To add a punch to the look of your home, I recommend getting out of the box by choosing a knock-out bright color. Chances are, it will create more of a focal point for the house and you will get tons of compliments! Painting your front door will take about an hour to do and can be changed often since its so easy. If you choose a color you don't like, big deal! It can be painted again. Also, the color of your front door can be totally unique - it does NOT have to match your trim or shutters or anything else on the house. Now, that's not to say to go out and choose some color that will totally clash with everything else. It just means don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

I give these doors an A+ for addition to looking amazing!!

bright pink? Why not?!

So now I think its only fair for me to post pictures of my own front door so here goes:

O.k., so I know you're probably muttering "hypocrite" under breath right about now but let me explain! First of all, these photos are from when the house was on the market so I have a few changes since then. Secondly, I feel my door is in the "antique" category - meaning I can't paint it. Believe me, I really wish I could! I've always wanted a crazy colored front door!

Instead, I have what I call my "Beauty and the Beast" door.

And you have to admit that, despite my lack of paint color, my doorknocker is pretty B.A.

xoxo, happy painting!

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