Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jamaica Mon!

For our honeymoon, we stayed at a Sandals resort in Ocho Rios. Sandals was nice because it was all-inclusive and very pampering/luxurious for a honeymoon, however, we were disappointed with the lack of overall Jamaican authenticity. It catered way too much to tourist, namely American tourists. Everywhere we went they played American hip hop music....even on the beaches so I felt it was difficult to relax (definitely annoying hearing the same songs over and over again!!). The food was delicious but then again, not authentic. We met several people that stayed at other resorts that had authentic dishes that locals eat made from local fruits and vegetables. That would have been much more interesting to me! Sorry Sandals but you get a thumbs down from both Brian and I.

Our resort did however have some interesting and beautiful interior elements. Since this blog is not meant to totally bash Sandals (I promise!), I will show some photos of the more interesting interior/architectural elements we saw!

All this marble was gorgeous!

This is our little villa where we stayed....

The views were amazing!

One of our favorite restaurants where we ate.

I loved all these little spots to cozy up! We sat here our first night with the ocean just about 10 feet away.

An old church. Jamaica has more churches per square mile than any other country. They also have more bars.......haha

This is an original plantation home where a doctor resides today. Many of the plantations have been burned down so its rare to see one in this pristine shape.

Bob Marley's bedroom! We loved the Bob Marley tour! Definitely recommend doing that one.

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